Kentucky Arabian & Half-Arabian Breeders Alliance

KAHABA Mission Statement

The Kentucky Arabian and Half-Arabian Breeders Alliance pledges to support existing Arabian Horse Association (AHA) approved clubs and Pyramid Society members to act as an appendix association known as KAHABA.

Our goal is to administer the portion of Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund monies allocated to Arabian and Half-Arabian horses by the state of Kentucky.

We strive to create an incentive program that will be clearly defined and encourage all levels of ability, interest and passion for the Arabian horse breeds. In doing so we will endorse all existing Kentucky AHA clubs as well as the Pyramid Society in their endeavors.

We assure the utmost consideration will be given to each decision made by KAHABA for economic growth of the equine industry with the state of Kentucky. KAHABA vows to support all interests in AHA events held within the state, as well as, but not limited to competitions and rides.

Our function is to promote the Kentucky equine industry and is not limited to exclusively Arabian horse events. We are defined as an alliance to promote the owners of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses in all equine events within the state.

We will contribute to the Arabian breeds by creating additional incentives for owning a Kentucky-bred horse for use in competitions at all levels within, but not limited to the state of Kentucky and by rewarding stallion owners and breeders for the success of Kentucky-bred horses.

The club also has its own web site:

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Hudson Brothers, President & Membership Chair
2450 N Alexander Creek Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 597-9956

Jeff Caldwell, Vice President
2995 Gratz Road
Owenton, KY  40359
(502) 484-5158