The Buckeye Sweepstakes & NSHR District One Championships

Where national champions are made!


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The best way to describe the Buckeye Sweepstakes Horse Show is “Where National Champions are made”! It is also considered the largest Class A Arabian horse show in the country other than the Scottsdale show. It has always been one of the most innovative shows since its inception in 1963. The home of the Buckeye has always been the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio, and always on Memorial Day Weekend.

The Buckeye slogan “WHERE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS ARE MADE!” is proven year after year. If you can win at the Buckeye, you can be a National Winner. The caliber of horses is the best, especially in the performance divisions.

The Buckeye offers National Show Horse District Championship classes, a Progressive Party that is one of the best in the country, different prize money programs, really cool awards, and over $50,000.00 is offered in prize money. It is non stop horse show!

The Buckeye is also famous for their “Progressive Party”. This is held every year before the Friday evening session begins. Spectators and exhibitors are treated to foods provided by the various farms. Folks go through the barn sampling a variety of food, both American and foreign in nature, and then the grand finale is all the different desserts. After eating the best of the best we go back to the show ring for some high level classes and end the evening with the Arabian English Pleasure Association Yearling Futurity. This is a class of future English performance prospects that has the potential of awarding $15,000.00 in this class alone. This is not just a halter class, these horses must have English performance potential, and the judges must judge according to the class rules created for this specific class. The handlers in this class need to be as conditioned as the horses in order to show off the yearling’s full potential.

Everywhere you look there is a feeling of excitement when you spot many of the top stables in the country and some of the most talented exhibitors on those horses we have read about in the magazines.

If you are looking for a show which is highly competitive, with the best of the best in the country performing, mark your calendar for Memorial Day Weekend, we promise you a weekend of fun!